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Food for Pets or Humans?

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Your pet is your best friend, a member of your family. You’d do anything for him…

But imagine you lost your job. Maybe you got divorced, left with no extra income. Perhaps you were in a car accident, or had flood or fire damage to your house.

With your money drained and quickly depleting, when it comes time to choose between food for you (or an electric or heating bill) and food for your pet… what do you do?

For those in the metro Detroit area – they have an answer. The Michigan Humane Society provides free pet food to qualifying low-income families. This is a relief to many people who wonder how they will be able to pay for their own meals, much less their pets’.

While we are able to find new homes for more than 8,000 pets a year, we would prefer if loved pets can stay in their own homes. Just because someone has fallen on hard times does not mean they do not love their pets, and we do the best we can to help keep these families together.

We depend on food donations from the public to supply our food bank. Recently we were blessed by a large donation from the folks at Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc. located in Detroit. They arrived with a carload of food just in time – we had run out of food and still had several families waiting in our lobby for assistance.

Bags and cans of dog or cat food can be donated at any one of Michigan Humane Society’s three centers for animal care in Detroit, Rochester Hills, and Westland during regular adoption hours.

Unopened bags are preferred; if a bag is opened, it can still be accepted as long as the food is in it’s original manufacturer packaging and includes the expiration date.

Corporate, school or community-based pet food drives are encouraged. For large donations, please call the appropriate location to schedule a delivery time. For more information, call 248.283.1000.


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