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A Flock of New Homes Needed



While MHS specializes in domesticated companion animals, and particularly cats and dogs, we will accept any animal that is brought to us. Sometimes when investigating cruelty cases, we take in animals that we wouldn’t normally see in a shelter – particularly farm animals.

As part of an ongoing cruelty investigation, MHS received a large number of Muscovy ducks and chickens that are now looking for new homes!

Gracie 789037 008

The birds are looking for homes where they will be companions/pets, not food. We are also open to rescue or sanctuary assistance for the birds. If you are interested, you can call or visit the Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care for more information.


5 thoughts on “A Flock of New Homes Needed

  1. I would like to help. I have barn,4 acres with a pond. I have a few other birds,would love to have more. I would take as many as possible.
    I live in Kingston,MI
    Please inform me on what to do. Thank you Deb McNaughton


  2. Im interested, please!


  3. Love this.


  4. I would love to take the chicken but the new law does not protect us on the farm bill anymore


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