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Ask the Vet: We Want Your Questions!

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If you read our veterinary advice blog on Mondays and have ever wondered “why don’t they talk about ______?”, then please, shoot us a comment! You can visit our Facebook page, email us at mail@michiganhumane.org or just leave a comment here on the blog. Our expert veterinarians would love to answer your questions.

As always, if you have an immediate medical concern with your pet, please call your veterinarian!


One thought on “Ask the Vet: We Want Your Questions!

  1. The past few weeks my cat has been throwing up alot. She eats really fast and does not chew her food so it comes out as whole pieces of food. I’ve been wanting to take her in to the vet but she’s very scared and mean. She has lashed out at our other animals and even me and I’m scared if I take her out the house she will freak out. She has always been in indoor cat but I don’t understand why she is eating so fast and throwing up and she is always hungry begging for more food.


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