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MHS Alumni Update: Gemma

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Stoney and Jemma with Santa

You may recognize Gemma’s face… this sweet girl was the “cover girl” for our 2014 Mega March posters, brochures and advertisements.

Earlier this year, Gemma arrived to us with a tumor on her side, which we removed. Unfortunately we discovered it was an aggressive form of cancer that, even with tumor removal, can leave the dog with a very short life span.

We didn’t know exactly how long Gemma had to live, but we felt strongly that she deserved a real forever home, even if her prognosis was grim. She was adopted by Kathie and her husband and gained a new doggy brother, Stoney!


Now, months later, Gemma is still thriving! The cancer has not caused any residual problems at this time and her veterinarians say to treat her like a normal dog. She goes to “doggy daycare” with her brother and sleeps in bed with her human parents. As you can see in the first picture in this post, she even got to visit Santa this year!

We are grateful Gemma got a chance to disprove her grim prognosis and we wish her continued health and happiness.


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