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MHS Alumni Update: Jade

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We got this lovely note from an MHS adopter recently, and thought we would share the correspondence between her and President and CEO Matthew Pepper.

My mom adopted Jade from MHS Berman Center on May 28th of 2010 for me for my birthday. She quickly became my everything!

My mom and I lost my dad in 2008, and my mom wanted Jade to become my service dog for my autism. Oct. 8th of 2014 my mom passed from cancer. My 2 sisters don’t speak to me because they don’t believe in mental illness. I literally have no family.

Jade is now a full service dog for my autism and for some mobility issues that just spiked. I just found out I have some bad nerve issues in my back. Jade is now with me everywhere I go. I actually still have Jade’s adoption papers.

I want to personally thank Mary Herron for adopting Jade to my mom and I. And thanks MHS for giving me a life and my best friend that I will have by my side now!

– Toni


I had your message forwarded to me and it really struck a chord. First off, I am sorry for the unimaginable loss you have suffered. However, your spirit, perseverance and truly personal connection to Jade is inspiring. As the President and CEO I get to see a lot of numbers pass my desk. It is easy to let the gravity, pressure, and volume of what we do overshadow the value at times.

It isn’t just an adoption statistic, it’s you, it isn’t just a number, it’s Jade. This a great reminder that everything we do, every life we impact, is an individual and every single life we impact has a story. I’m so glad you shared yours.

Thank you for inspiring me, thank you for being you just like you are, and thank you for being a voice for Jade. Your story is a reminder of why we do what we do and how important our mission is.

Thank you!

– Matthew Pepper


One thought on “MHS Alumni Update: Jade

  1. Toni,
    Thank you for your kind words. I’m terribly sorry for the loss you have endured over the years. I’m happy you where able to find peace and a soul mate in Jade. Stories like yours make my heart happy how much of an impact and animal can have on their family’s lives. I wish you all the best, give Jade a hug for me.
    Take care,


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