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Happy Earth Day!

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There’s no better way to celebrate Earth Day than by “recycling” in the best way – adopting a homeless pet! There are dozens of animals awaiting their forever homes at MHS – you can see them HERE!

Of course, we know that not everyone is in the position to adopt a pet at this point in time. But you can spread the word of what a great choice adoption is, or you can check out these cool craft ideas of ways to recycle and make cool things for your pet (or to donate to a shelter!)


Recycle an old baby sock, add some catnip and you have a great cat toy!


Have a sweater you don’t wear anymore? With just a few modifications, you can make a great pet bed.


An old, cut up toilet paper tube makes a great toy! Hint: You can also stuff toilet paper tubes with canned dog food, freeze them, and give them to your dog as a fun food toy!


Recycle and old food tin and make a container for pet food or treats!


Old scraps of fabric can make great dog toys!

Check out our Pinterest page for more craft ideas!


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